My name is Luna Nyx Frost. I have a patient personality, I am flexible, and an author myself. With that said, I can relate to any author’s needs.

I have no problem reminding the novelists of current projects to prevent them from spreading themselves too thin. Being a writer myself, I am also armed with techniques to fight stress and anxiety when an author may face a harder time.

As a VPA I will check my website, emails, and social media daily. With my clients I will check in every two to four hours by their preferred way of contact. For important events or approaching deadlines, I will remind an author a week and one day in advance at the very least if not preferred otherwise.

To make sure everyone of my clients receive the same amount of professionalism and quality, I may take up to four authors at a time. Clients I am hoping to attract are independent authors in fiction, poets and traditionally authors.

If you have any more questions, please visit my website or contact me in private. As always, it is my pleasure to respond to potential clients.

Luna Nyx Frost

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